Film+ is a suport programme aimed at young filmmakers
to get their films off the ground and onto screens.
I'm the main tutor of its Work in Progress Lab.

Having started in 2009 with it's international, national and Videorama sections,
Timishort grew a short film audience in Timișoara. In 2018, its 10th edition was its last.
I was the technical coordinator, and projectionst of the festival from its 3rd edition to its last.
Goodbye dear Timishort Film Festival.

Flora Pop

Flora is an exceptional music composer, production sound mixer and sound designer.

George Chiper-Lillemark

Director of photography and also just a director, George is a creative spirit that inspires any project.

Jaro Minne

Jaro is a Belgian filmmaker and photographer who often works on the crossover East-West.

A 2 year fee-free intensive and hands-on filmmaking program taught by mobile and Finnish film industry professionals.

ViraFilms is a Romanian documentary film company specialized in film production,
developing documentary projects, editing, corporate videos, PR videos, video testimonials.
Our team covered since 2009 various film subjects for our clients,
as parts of our projects or in co-production with NGO’s, film companies,
both national and international.

Smart Sound Studios is a romanian company that provides complete
sound services for cinema, television, web and interactive media.